Welcome to the Cabell County WWI Memorial Boulevard research website. This site contains information on all of the soldiers honored in the dedication of the Cabell County WWI Memorial Boulevard, which honors the soldiers from this county that died in the First World War. This research was conducted and collected by the website author as part of his Eagle Scout Project.

This site contains pages with the soldiers’ information and photos, as well as sources for the information. It also contains transcriptions of newspaper articles relating to the soldiers and a history of the Memorial Boulevard. For more on this site, see the “Use of Website Guide” here.

The Memorial Boulevard consists of a row of 91 trees on each side of Memorial Boulevard in Huntington, West Virginia. Along this trail are signs with some of the soldiers’ basic information. These were also part of the author’s Eagle Scout Project, along with a page on The Clio app and website (https://www.theclio.com/web/tour/summary?id=290), ¬†which contains a simpler, less complete version of the information seen on this site.

For the soldiers’ information, go to “Soldiers”. For information about the trail, go to “Boulevard Trail”. For newspaper transcriptions, go to “Newspapers” (newspapers for individual soldiers can also be found through their individual information pages). For a history of the trail/boulevard, see “Trail History”. For a history of the Memorial Arch, see “Arch History” under “Trail History”. For information on everything else (contact, the author, the project, updates, acknowledgements, etc.) see “About” and the tabs under it.

This website is dedicated to all of Cabell County’s soldiers, past, present and future.

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